Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hi! We are No.41.

we don't all look like Angel, but we'd like to.....

We employ women in Rwanda, like 30.

Our women feed school kids (and teachers), like 1,000.

God is crazy blessing our efforts far beyond anything we could have ever imagined, like a boss.

Wait, what?.....

No.41, literally, means for one. We live in a world of crazy chaos, beautiful, heartbreaking stories, and overwhelming joy. We pretty much feel like HopeSpoken is right up our alley. We are super honored to sponsor, can't wait to meet everyone, and spend some time making much of Him.

As far as nerves, one half of our American team gets nervous just thinking about large groups of people. The other half isn't even thinking about tomorrow, yet, much less 6 months from now. (smile)

Random.... Well, we got photobombed one day. Does that count?

We have seen our God prove Himself mighty over and over again, we know that HopeSpoken will be a beautiful weekend full of nothing less.

Come say hi on Facebook, we'd love to meet you!

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