Tuesday, October 1, 2013

coffee talk

Oh, hey there, October! How is that even possible?! Now that Alison and I (Tara) are back in the States, we're not complaining one bit about the falling leaves, fall temperatures, and pumpkin everything. And I'll just go ahead and speak for myself here, and say that I have been consuming pumpkin like a boss. (Sorry, Amy, pumpkin goodness is headed your way, too.) This month, we're chatting about 5 Things You Don't Know About Us. And we're going to tell you those things about each other. Tara on Amy. Alison on Tara. Amy on Alison. Heeeere we go!

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First up: Amy

1. The truth is, I haven't spent a ton of time with Amy, but that leads me to something you should know about her. Amy is a go-getter. She prayerfully seeks God's plan for her, but she isn't afraid to jump as soon as she gets the word. Amy contacted me, about this time last year, and we started formulating a plan for her to come and visit Rwanda, specifically, Noel (our neighboring orphanage where many of our girls grew up). Amy spent the week of Christmas with us, while I not so secretly tried to sell her on No.41. It wasn't long after she returned back to Texas that we were moving forward on plans to move her to Rwanda (this past June) to head up the day to day activities at No.41. We spent all of one month together, (Amy, Alison, and I) before Alison and I headed back to the States. 

2. Plans. I mentioned that word twice, already. That word is definitely unique to Amy. While the three of us share a similar passion, the way that we approach it could not be more different, which makes us a very good team. Amy's calm, level-headed, organized, needs-a-plan personality brings such a peace to all of us, yet Amy is such a hard worker, not at all afraid to dig in and get her hands dirty. We don't call her 'the ambition' for nothing.

3. Amy loves Swedish Fish.

4. Before moving to Rwanda, Amy taught 2nd grade at an inner city school in Dallas. She, currently, teaches preschool at Noel and has some big dreams and prayers about what He is stirring in her heart for these precious kiddos with so much at stake.

5. Amy is a great friend, consistent, supportive and encouraging, and the fabulous support she receives from her friends and family speak back to that.

Tara is up next..

1. One thing I love about Tara is her ability to quickly make a decision and stick to it. Move to Rwanda? Sure. Move to Nashville? leaving tomorrow. (literally.. she's leaving tomorrow. be sure to wish her a safe journey!) What's fun is, those decisions always pan out well. (except for the time she decided that I should help her dye her hair when we were sitting in our friend Robin's living room and he wasn't home. He died when he came in to find us.. Don't worry, her hair turned out super cute.)

2. She makes the best breakfast burritos. In Rwanda, they were the highlight of the morning.

3. The guy, Innocent, who we buy wholesale fabric from in Kigali is in love with her. She's not taking him up on his marriage offers yet, but maybe next time we go to visit she will.. :)

4. Tara will make anyone laugh their face off. Even if they don't understand English:)

5. She loves well. She would probably make a joke about how mean she is right now, but seriously. She's got an incredible heart and something I love and admire about her is that she accepts and loves people where they're at, no matter what. She's always encouraging and figures out a way to let people know she appreciates them.

We saved the best for last, Alison!
1. Genuinely kind!  I first met Alison last January back in Dallas when she was visiting home and I was thinking about coming to Rwanda and No.41.  She was so sweet to meet with me and just listen to my questions and share her experiences in Rwanda.  Alison asked really good questions and truly wanted to try and make me understand what living here was like.  When I moved here I spent 3 weeks living with her and she was always giving me things and preparing the girls and I for when she left.

2.  Makes a great batch of popcorn!  In fact I'm still enjoying her love of popcorn because I inherited all the popcorn seasonings!

3. Has a life long friend in our moto driver Jerome!  Both Tara and Alison did such a great job of creating a community here and introduced me to my favorite moto driver Jerome.  Even 3 months later Jerome still asks about Alison and wants to talk to her.  One of the sweetest things is to watch Jerome listen to a whatsapp message from Alison, his whole face lights up!

4. Tara and I have some big plans to cash in on a dowery for Alison when she marries the Pakistani man at the Foreign Money Exchange in Kigali. We are holding out for around 20 cows, at least 5 with horns.

5. Alison loves well!  From the girls at No.41, moto drivers, neighbors, family, and friends she values each person.  It was so neat to see her interact with the girls, check on them individually, share silly faces, and funny moments.  She is missed so much here and I'm always asked about when she is coming back! (Hint, hint, buy a plane ticket!)

Whew! That was harder than we all thought it would be!
One last thing, have y'all seen our new No.41 calendars? We aren't partial or anything, but we think they would make THE BEST Christmas gifts! Who doesn't like sweet photos and feeding 100 meals??  Happy Tuesday!!                                                      

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