Friday, December 2, 2011


So, here it is.
I have a big dream. And I'm definitely scared.
I have been sitting on this dream for a while, only because I don't know where to start. But today, a very wise person told me, the best place to start is somewhere. So, I hope you don't mind but, I'm starting with you! I'm asking for your help: your prayers and your partnership.

As I have, somewhat cryptically, eluded to, there have been a lot of rumors flying around about the future of the orphanage and mostly the older children here. One of the many challenges is preparing the kids for adult life outside the orphanage. Ideally, going to university (if the grades and school fees are there) but also, learning trade skills and just life skills....We have nearly 100 'children' over the age of 18, in limbo, unsure of what the next step is for them and in need of someone to help them get there.

I want to help.

Another issue, not just for the children of the orphanage, but for the entire village, is the issue of school lunches. The children, in our equivalent of junior high and high school, go to school all day, from 7am-4pm, with no lunch. No lunch. I have a friend who teaches high school biology at one of the schools nearby, and she said, we might as well send them home at 11. They're hungry and tired and done.

I want to help.

Soooo, with the help of a few of others visitors, we have come up with 
For one child. For one meal. For one year.

Basically, we will choose a few of the older girls who are in limbo and desiring to learn a trade, we will teach them to sew bags (and hopefully few other surprise goodies), and we will sell the items to earn money, not only for them, but for the children in local schools to get a warm, healthy lunch.

So, here is where you come in. Let me just pause and say, you know, these bags are going to be legit.
We have 2 bag designs and we have access to yards and yards of beautiful African fabric, but we also need burlap, which we can't get here, but we have some friends we think could bring it soon. We will need 2 sewing machines ($120 each) to get started and we are working with a group of women we think we can hire to come out for a month, or so, and teach the girls how to sew. We also have a logo design. If you have some screen printing knowledge, please feel free to share.

I think that's it for now.
There will be more updates coming very soon.

I have prayed about this for so long, before I was even came to Rwanda, actually, but I thought that somehow God would make me smarter before we got to this point. He didn't. I talk a lot about Him using dodos, and I'm thankful He does. Today this dodo is stepping out in faith and into action.

If you feel led to give or if you have questions, you can shoot me an email at 
and if you would pass this along to your pals that would be wonderful.
Thank you!!