Tuesday, December 11, 2012

it's the most wonderful time of the year

I wanted to tell y'all a little bit about our No.41 Christmas party. These little yo-yos are my favorite people on the whole planet.

But let me go back a bit. 
The reason we were having our party so early is because Alison is going home to Texas for Christmas this Thursday. Many of our university girls are in exams and we got the word the day before that the only day they would be free was last Thursday.

So, Alison and I scrambled around and wrapped 24 gifts that had all been donated by her sweet friends. We were going to teach the girls to play Dirty Santa. Tina donated 3 cakes for the occasion and we sent a couple of girls on a mission to track down 30 Fantas.

We made snowflakes and paper garland and put the finishing touches on this bad boy:

Leo, our sweet neighbor, built the tree, I made a fabric garland and yarn bombed the trunk, Alison made the yarn pompoms and Tina donated the lights. We kinda love it.

So, I guess we were all set.

The girls were giddy at the Dirty Santa concept. They loved getting to pick out the perfect gift.

It was no easy process, they picked them up, shook them, smelled them...so cute! And then they went back to their seats tore them and everyone cheered and clapped!

Not a single one stole a gift. 
I'm here to tell you, I would have snatched Louisa's scarf or Zawadi's bag in a heartbeat. I asked Fanny why no one was stealing and she said, we all knew everyone was so happy to have their gift and no one would want to take it from them.

They were all painting each others nails, passing around tubes of lipgloss, trading out headbands, dividing up bracelets. They are pretty perfect. And then...

The cake came out and the singing began. Alison orchestrated the sweet surprise and then the girls took it to the next level. (If I was smarter I could upload the video.) These little beauties sang Happy Birthday in four languages, twice. They danced and showered me with flowers. They gave me four hard-boiled eggs?

So, the coming year is looking pretty good.
How did I get to be so blessed?? 
My cup runneth over.

**all photos by the lovely and talented, Alison Holcomb.