Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Want YOU:: Campus Rep Program

Hey yall! I’m Lacey, and I am SO excited to be working with No.41 on their Campus Rep program. No.41 has had my heart since, well, the beginning; starting with a spunky girl named Fanny! As soon as Tara started posting about sponsorship and I saw Fanny’s smile, BOOM case closed. Since then I have been able to spend a summer with Fanny and her BABY Tarison who is almost one year old and the BEST thing ever!

I have also been able to see first hand the amazing work that goes on daily at the 41 house. I mean, that place is just full of so much hope and love, y’all. I have been so inspired by the big dreams that have gone on in that little house in the past year.  No.41 is so special, because it proves that dreams do come true (so cliché I know) but really this whole business is a dream in itself.  Living out their “For One” dream, one child at a time.

& hellooo everybody! I’m Rylie. Like Lacey, I’m thrilled to be working alongside No.41! First off, I am super unqualified to be here, but am so thankful to serve along side Tara, Alison, Lacey, & all of the No.41 ladies! The Lord has given me a heart that desires to see HIS kingdom come throughout the nations... So last year when I saw Tara (my good ole’ blog friend) posting about this organization she was starting, I was beyond thrilled & knew I wanted to help in any way possible. So, like most of you, I haven’t been to Rwanda to meet these ladies face-to-face (YET). But the Lord has a funny way of building community, & I’m not going to be one to argue. :) & besides, whether or not we have met them, they are real women (& mamas!), with real stories, & REAL DREAMS... & this is a real, simple way we can get involved in their lives.

So this fall we are working with No.41 and their Campus Reps program. The Rep program is solely run by college girls, spreading the amazing work of No.41.  So many things amazing things planned for this next year. If any of you college girls are interested, or know anyone who might be, in joining our team of dreamers contact Lacey (lhar23@yahoo.com) or Rylie (rylie.craft@gmail.com).

We hope y’all are as excited as we are! 

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  1. oh yay! love you BOTH! so exciting. love your hearts!!!!