Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holiday Trunk Show

Hey ladies (& gents, if you're out there!). It's me, Rylie Craft.

Once upon a time, like last week, I had my first-ever trunk show for No.41... & it was pretty much the best thing ever. We partnered with a few other, likeminded, fair-trade organizations & had ourselves a big ole' party. Now, by no means am I claiming to be a professional. Because, HELLO, I'm not. However, this past Saturday there were a few things that went really well & I wanted to share them with y'all!

Creative helps:
-- Emphasize the personal factor. The lady on the tag is not a picture of a model posing for a stock photo... "That lady" has a name & a story... & actually, it's written on the back of the tag!
-- Stress the missional aspect of the bag. It says so itself: for one child, for one meal, for one year. When you purchase a signature bag, you get WAY more than a bag... You become a small part of a bigger story.
-- Have a computer handy. Mine was set up next to the bags the entire time, playing on loop the No.41 video (Preview). This ties back into the personal factor, as the shoppers were listening & seeing the real life stories of the women behind the bags! Everyone said how much they loved & appreciated seeing & connecting with the ladies in that way.
-- Globes. I'm all about the globes. We had many -- & I mean many -- of them scattered around the "party area" & most of them had a heart over Rwanda. A sweet touch that keeps in mind a global perspective.
-- Pretend it's a quaint boutique. Because believe it or not, the atmosphere plays into the overall shopping experience, BIG TIME. Please please please don't throw the bags on a table & call it a day. Make it cute & inviting... & photo-worthy. ;)
-- Think outside the box. Whether it be how you display the bags, when you host the party, or who (if any) you might want to incorperate if you want to do a collaboration (however, try to avoid similar merchandise from different vendors... you don't want anything to compete with another).

If you would like to have a trunk for your family and friends, please email tara@no41.org for more information. 

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