Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Behind the Bag- Amy

We are so excited to introduce y'all to today's Behind the Bag poster, Amy Willis. Amy is the newest team member at No.41! The whole story is a big mess of prayers wrapped up in God goodness.  The short version is, we had been praying hard for God's direction for No.41 in the coming year, when we got an email from Amy, out of the blue, asking to come and visit. Not really us, but the orphanage. We loved her immediately and did our best to reel her in. It worked. Amy visited us over Christmas day and she will be moving back here for a year, starting at the end of June. You will be hearing so much more from/about Amy in the coming months, but for now, her Behind the Bag:


That’s how I feel when I see God moving and working.

Overwhelmed. When you know you are seeing something bigger and better than you had imagined in your head.

That’s how I felt when I came to visit Rwanda and No.41 this past December.

Yes, I had asked to come and check out No. 41 and see if God any plans for me here. Yes, I had read every blog post Tara had ever written so I thought I knew what was going on. I knew the purpose and mission of No.41 and I could even give a couple of facts about it but I didn’t truly know what it would be like to know faces of the girls behind the bags. To see the dedication to skill and joy found in knowing you are doing something well. To know that you are part of a family and you are needed. To giggle about goose bumps and share sweet smiles because that’s how you share who you are. To see pride in knowing you are doing something important. To know that you have value and are loved and that you can pass that love and value on to others. This is the part of No.41 I saw this past December. Seeing God put all this together and put every part right where it needed to be is when I’m reminded of my smallness and His infinite size, power, and love.

God is doing BIG things through Tara, Alison, and these beautiful women at No.41 and I’m excited to be one small person in this wonderful family!

To check out the bags, click here.
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  1. Great post, Amy! So glad you said "yes"! :)

  2. Amy, I saw this post about you on Facebook. It was good to see you. Best wishes on this new, exciting venture in your life.

  3. Hi Amy I was talking to one of my daughters today that went to Rwanda last summer. She loved it and especially that town Kilgally (sp) will update you on some places she liked when she finds some info she brought back.