Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Behind the Bag- Amelia

Hey there! Sorry, we missed last week. I'm going to go ahead and assume that no one lost any sleep over it, but we are happy to be back! :) This week you get to meet Amelia. Amelia is self-described as 'sometimes stubborn, but mostly silly'. We can appreciate that. We had the pleasure of meeting Amelia when she visited No.41 last summer and now we have the honor of partnering with her as one of our Campus Reps. We are so thankful for Amelia and her precious heart. We can't wait for you to read her story....

On August 22, 2012 I sat in a World Literature class at the University of Southern Mississippi and thought to myself, “Why am I here?” I had been home from Africa for nearly a month and still suffered from a severe case of “reverse culture shock.” I did not want to be back in a silly college classroom listening to the “insignificant” problems of my peers. I missed Rwanda. I missed a place that I thought I was called to be. I was ready to drop out of school, sell all of my belongings, and move for good.

But He always has a different plan...

God quietly whispered that I was not meant to physically be in Rwanda, but rather to bring Rwanda to Mississippi. To my family, my friends, and even my peers in that World Literature class, and oh what joy it has brought me!

When I first met Tara and the girls at No.41 it felt like a family. They were a family that I knew I wanted to be a part of. So since I can’t be there, I make sure they are with me everywhere I go- and they can most certainly be with you too.

It’s simple. Almost too simple. By simply carrying my No.41 bag everyday, it opens the door to so many conversations. “Oh my goodness, how cute! Where did you get that?” leads into “Wow. I had no idea. Can I buy one?”

On Sundays I lead a bible study for my sorority and this semester we have added the No.41 girls to our family. We pray over the girls by name, thanking the Lord for them, Tara, and the lives that are being changed by No.41- the lives in Rwanda and the lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. You see, through learning the stories of our friends in Rwanda, hearts are being softened. Eyes are being opened. Hearts are becoming on fire for the Lord and missions. Can I get an amen?! In fact, on 4-1 feed day, I had girls who were so eager to give. They were literally dumping their purses out on the floor trying to find more quarters. The sight made me cry tears of joy. The heart of Tara is changing lives of girls in Rwanda and the girls in Rwanda are changing the lives of girls here in small town Mississippi.

If you are like me, you want to be in Rwanda. At the same time, if you are like me, you are in a season where God has called you to stay. He has a reason for that! Talk the heads off people about No.41. You will be surprised by the conversations that will result. Whether we are at the grocery store, sitting in a classroom, or living in Rwanda- we are all called to go be love. So go out with your No.41 bag and change the life for one.

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