Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Student Sponsorships. Round 2.

Here we go with round two of student sponsorships! 

All of the interviews are being done by our intern extraordinaire, Megan. Megs is from the UK, in case you couldn't tell, yesterday, from some of my missed spelling changes: programme. whilst, favourite... :) Anyway, this was such a fun day! During lunchtime, the kids wandered in slowly, at first, not sure what was going to be asked of them. I took their photos and they giggled as I tried to make them smile. (Smiling for photos or even looking at the camera it not really a thing here.) After photos, they lined up with Megan. She keeps pretty much everything light and fun and it was so cool to see the students open up and relax. It appeared that they had never been asked such simple questions before, they laughed as they thought carefully about each one. 

Maybe I'm one to make things flowery, or imagine a moment in my own head, but I will remember this day forever. I will remember that it's in the tiniest of gestures that we have the ability to make another person feel known. Appreciated. Seen. We talk a ton about the students in our feeding program, but it's rare to get the opportunity to really talk to them. 

Starting the feeding program was really birthed as a way for the women at No.41 to give back to their community; to know that their life had worth, meaning, and purpose, but I had no idea the blessings that would come as a result of a $0.25 meal received by the students. I wish there was some other way to say it, that wasn't so cliche, but their. world. is. changing. And the joy and hope is contagious.

It's just $5/MONTH to sponsor one student for a hot, healthy meal every day! Just $5! And you can do that quickly and painlessly here. Let us know who you would like to sponsor, we have a handwritten thank you from the student to send you.

Thank you for changing our world!

Name: MANIRITO Jeanne
Age: 21
Grade: Senior 6 (12th grade)
Favorite subject: Mathematics
Favorite food: Chapatti
Jeanne wants to work in medicine and find cured for bad diseases.

Name: HAKIZIMANA Patrick
Age: 22
Grade: Senior 6 (12th grade)
Favorite subject: Biology
Favorite food: Rice
Patrick loves biology and hopes to inspire others, through teaching, so that they love biology as much as he does.

Name: NZABONIMANA Jean Pierre
Age: 20
Grade: Senior 6 (12th grade)
Favorite subject: Geography
Favorite food: Potatoes
Jean Pierre is the youngest of 9 siblings and hopes to become a professional solider.
"I want to thank the program as it helps us to increase our standard of living and learning."

Age: 17
Grade: Senior 6 (12th grade)
Favorite subject: Biology
Favorite food: Rice
Christian is serious and determined and dreams of becoming a doctor so that he can save others.

Name: TUYIZERE Amani
Age: 18
Grade: Senior 5 (11th grade)
Favorite subject: Geography
Favorite food: Kaunga (corn maize)
Amani lives over 50km from school, but during term time he rents a floor space near by so he can eat a hot lunch, enabling him to study successfully.

Name: BIZIMANA Osward
Age: 19
Grade: Senior 5 (11th grade)
Favorite subject: English, Swahili and Kinyarwanda
Favorite food: Meat

Osward’s favorite sport is football, he plays as often as he can. Not only does he love English football teams but he also dreams of visiting England one day as a tour guide!

There are still several students from yesterday's post available for sponsorship, as well. Don't forget to leave a note with the students name that you would like to sponsor, they have a little something to send you. Donate here. 

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