Monday, May 5, 2014

Meet Our Mommas

"To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world."

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I wanted to spend some time this week sharing a few stories of some mommas that are very near and dear to our hearts. Mothers who have been empowered to change the course of their lives, and to create a lasting legacy of hope for those who will certainly follow in their footsteps. Today:

Meet Fanny and Tarison.

Fanny lost both of her parents during the Genocide in 1994 and she grew up at the Noel Orphanage. Fanny attended boarding school and graduated secondary (high school) at the top of her class. Studies came easy for her and that, coupled with her fun, spunky personality, made her somewhat of a darling at school and around Noel. 

When my path crossed with Fann's and No.41 came to be, there were roughly 100 young adults over the age of 18 living in the Noel Orphanage. With no family and limited resources, the prospect of university or becoming gainfully employed was low. Along with that, confidence was low, dreams were small, and hope was almost non-existent. No.41 and learning to sew was never on any of these girls radar, but if they weren't able to attend university, most of them were happy to have a job. 

The first day the girls came to work was the first day I met Fanny. She seemed withdrawn and told me she wasn't feeling well. She was fairly inconsistent over the next three(ish) weeks. Finally, she came to me in tears to let me know that she would be quitting her job and moving to another town to live with her sister. She was pregnant and had been kicked out of the orphanage. I didn't really know Fanny, at this point. I asked her if her sister had a job. No. Was she in school? No. Would Fanny have a job? No. School was pretty much out of the question at this point and, culturally, so was marriage. I asked Fann how she planned to support her baby and she wasn't sure. She moved in with me the next day.

It has been a joy and pleasure to see Fanny come alive. It isn't always easy, but she is getting her footing and charting a new course for her life. Because of her income at No.41 Fanny is able to support herself and her son, Tarison, who is now 18 months old. She has provided 1,000s of meals for students in her community. She has been prayed over and poured into by countless visitors, and she has gained a new sister in one of our Campus Reps, Lacey. Last year, Fanny was sponsored in to university! She continues to work at 41 and has replaced fear of the unknown with dreams and a desire to achieve. Tarison will never experience the hardships his momma endured. Fanny is a world changer and the ripples will be felt in her family and her community for generations to come. 

If you would like to honor your momma by honoring one of ours, there are a couple of ways to do that. You can shop the shop (free shipping through Saturday!!). Each woman is paid a fair wage for the work she does and you will get a card with each handmade item letting you know exactly who made it and a bit more of her story. With every purchase, the ladies donate 100% of the proceeds back into a feeding program created at a school in their community. So, like most moms, you'll be doing double duty. :) 

We, currently, have 18 gals in university. The total cost, per lady, is $200/month. If you would like to donate one time or recurring, in any amount, you can do that here

Thank you for reading and sharing!! This isn't possible without you!

Come back Wednesday and meet our next momma!

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