Tuesday, September 3, 2013

coffee talk

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Hey there!

Now that two out of the three of us have reasonable internet access, we thought it might be time that y'all got to know us a little better. Tara (the dream), Alison (the style), and Amy (the ambition) all share Rwanda and No.41 in common, but we all come at life from different angles. Coffee Talk is our new, once a month attempt sharing our unique perspectives on life, faith and the people and places we love.

Something New: Well, pretty much everything feels new since moving home to Oklahoma at the end of July. New plans, new opportunities, new direction. One of my favorite things is my newfound creativity. It's always been there, but it feel like it's been hiding for a very long time. Hey creativity, welcome back!

Something Inspiring: Y'all I would be lying if I said my creativity wasn't driven by Pinterest. It's seems so annoying and cliche, but it's so TRUE. Literally, anything you want to do (or never even knew you wanted to do) in your whole life, is there.

Something Disturbing: I am devastated by the amount of hair my dog, Jett, sheds daily. Wait, maybe I should check Pinterest for a remedy?! If not, look for No.41 wigs, coming soon!

Something I'm Listening To: Oh, I may be late on this thing, but someone posted the Shane & Shane video for 'Though You Slay Me' on Facebook today. It was my first time to hear it. I downloaded the entire album on iTunes. So good.


Something new: I have to agree with Tara.. Since getting back to the states in July, everything feels new! I had a pretty hectic schedule before I moved to Rwanda, so now that I'm back in the states- I'm soaking up the down time. I love having time to actually catch up with people and be more intentional with people in my life. Just showing up at my grandparent's house to sit and chat with them is something I've been loving these days. Oh, and spontaneous road trips are nice, too:)

Something inspiring: A new season. I know it's not Fall yet (especially in West Texas..) but, I'm talking about a new season in life. The first of a month feels like a fresh beginning to me and now that I'm settled in a bit, I've been feeling pretty refreshed and excited to take on this new little season.

Something disturbing: 100 degree days kinda make me wanna cry, other than that- I can't think of anything.

Something I'm listening to: Lost in the Trees on vinyl. I missed my record player so much and have had fun falling back in love with it.


Something New: This one's easy.... I moved to a new country!  So everything is new: new people, new food, new house, new language, new ways to shower or not, new joys, new sights, new sounds, new experiences..... A lot of new!!

Something Inspiring:  Rwanda's beauty!  Even though it is has been very dry and not a lot is growing I'm still taken back by all that I see as I walk out of the gate.  My favorite thing to do here to take a walk to and from the next small village as the sun sets.  Some days I live for that time where the whole country seems to be coming home and done for the day.  From the beautiful hills, glorious volcanoes, and very interested Rwandans that stare at the white lady just walking for fun....it all is inspiring.

Something Disturbing:  The rainy season is quickly approaching and I live with some amazing weather forecasters.  So I usually ask one of the girls, before I hop on a moto, if it's going to rain and they then proceed to stick their hand out of the window and say things like "not now, it will rain tonight."  or "yes, rain is coming"  What's disturbing is that they are always right!!!!  Maybe I'll be able to do this kind of forecasting before I leave!

Something I'm listening to:  Rain falling on the roof at night.  Mainly because when it rains at night that's all you can hear!

So, there you have it! It is our goal in life (or really just on this blog) for you to hear a lot more from each of us soon and a bit more often. Next month, for coffee talk, we are thinking of a little 5 Thing You Don't Know About Me. Do you think we should write them about ourselves or about each other? Cast your vote in the comments. Don't make us look like losers. :) Ready? Go!


  1. I'd love for you all to write them about each other.

  2. Ashley, you got it! Thank for being the only one who apparently cared about our loserhood. :)