Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to School

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Happy Monday!

While I know that many of you have barely sweated your way through half the summer, our little university bumpkins are heading back NEXT WEEK! In true 41 fashion, we are running a bit behind, but we need your help. We have 6 ladies still looking for sponsorship for the upcoming school year. We'd like to take some time and introduce you to each girl so that you really know the young lady whose future you are ensuring, and not only that, we wholeheartedly believe that when you educate a woman, your support trickles down to her entire family and into her community. An educated woman carries a lasting impact for generations to come.

So, there you go.

University sponsorship is a whooping $2,400 for the entire year! That covers the cost of enrollment, school fees, boarding and dining, uniform, and materials. There are 3 payment options:
  • pay in full $2,400
  • pay by semester $1600
  • pay monthly $200
First up, Miss Angel.

I promise you, she is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the out. Angel is an orphan but, rather than entering the orphanage, she was raised by an elderly aunt. Angel is now returning the favor, with the money she makes at No.41, she is the main financial support and care giver for her aunt. Angel never expected to have the opportunity to study in university, she says she doesn't have enough English "to descibe her feelings of thanks". She is starting her second year at RTUC in Gisenyi and is majoring in Travel and Tourism Management. It is her big dream to be a stewardess for Rwandair.

Next, meet Rosine.

Rosine is the oldest of six children and the mother of one. It is impossible to talk about Rosine without mentioning her infectious giggle. Rosine, always classy and impeccably overdressed, is no stranger to hard work, she watched her single mother struggle working multiple jobs, to raise her and her siblings. She wanted more for her life and her son. At 29, her hopes of attending university we dwindling, until her aunt, who works at the Noel Orphanage arranged for her a job at No.41. Rosine is entering her second year at ULK in Gisenyi where she studies Economics and Business Management. She dreams of managing bank one day.

And that's it for today. Alison will be back tomorrow to introduce you to two more of our beauties. I can't say thank you enough for your support. Like Angel, I don't have enough English to say just what your sponsorship means in their lives. And it's not about the money. The money, while it's necessary, comes second to the love, hope, and confidence these girls have knowing that they matter to someone, all the way across the world. Our girls are dreaming, for the very first time, because of you. They are striving. Thriving. And succeeding. Thank you.

If you would like to sponsor Angel or Rosine, please email

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