Monday, November 26, 2012

and so it begins...

Are y'all ready for this?! 
Maybe you should sit down. 

We've been saying it for a while,
No.41 is growing. Big and fast.

We've been telling you there are a ton of ways you can get involved.
And not just you, 
your family, 
your church, 
your small group, 
your 5th grade class, 
your mom...

Well anyway, HERE IT IS!!

Do you wanna give life with your holiday funds this year?
Let me give you a quick rundown on where your money will go:

Living expenses
Somebody's gotta run this show
$4000 (through July)

University fees and boarding 
$6,000 (4 girls/one year)

Sewing school
Rent $6,000 (2 houses/one year)
Machines and chairs (13) $1,700
Furniture (workspace/storage) $1500
Burlap $2000 (1month)
Screen-printing supplies $500
Hire sewing instructor $500 (one month)
Shipping (to US) $2000

Website $500
Tags for bags $900

Feed Program
12 Ovens $1000
Cooking staff (one year) $6000
Pots and pans/dishes (for 750) $1500
Cafeteria furniture $2000

Yes, a few of the needs listed have been met, but we have had to 'borrow' money that is set aside for feeding to keep up with the growth.

And, maybe now would be a good time to tell y'all that there was a little miscalculation when it came to how many children we would be feeding, starting in January.

We were originally told 250.
There are 650!! 
We are moving forward in faith. We know God has plans to bless so many!
We would love for y'all to partner with us.
We need your partnership.

You are providing:
food, jobs, education, homes, and most of all HOPE.

Jump in! Anywhere! 
There is no gift too large or too small!!
Click on that donate link at the top of this page.
And don't hesitate to share with your friends.

We looooove you!


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